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Flat Hose

  • PVC High-Intensity Polyester Fiber New Style Flat Hose

    More suitable for drawing and conveying water, oil and powder in factories, agriculture, engineering, foodstuffs and sanitation lines.


    It used advanced technology and fiber reinforced layer made by one-step procedure through braided

    Anti-fracture, resisted high pressure and small expansivity.

    Increased the radial fibers, improved the tensile strength

    This kind of hose has the advantages of anti-stretch, anti-fracture, resisted high pressure and small expansion rate.

    It is light and flexible, bright color and anti-erosion, anti-erosion, anti-aging and abrasion resistance, and anti-ultraviolet.

    No odor, environmental protection products.

    It has the good weather resistance and suitable for conveying liquids.

    Working Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃

    SIZE: ID from 3/4"to 12"

  • PE Lay Flat Hose

    More suitable for microirrigation, general water discharge in the farm, quaculture, water supply for construction site, and mining etc..

    Used for Drip Irrigation System: 

    Excellent in aging resistance, high impact resistance and weather resistance.

    Environmental friendly & recyclable.

    Easy to handle and store, free from tough job.

    Full range of fittings designed for different irrigation systems, easily installed.

    Used for Movable Sprinkler System:

    Applied for movable sprinkler system as sub-main line.

    Light weight and easy installation.

    Utilized in golf, lawn, greenhouse, garden, farmland irrigation.