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We not Allow Problem Product Shipped
2019-07-08 09:46:12

There was one reducer order in 2010. Our quality inspector found the typing is not clear, so he asked the worker to type again. Every order was tested by our quality inspector. And the test report needs to be signed by the quality inspector. Several test reports in 2009 and 2010 attached.typing problem.jpg

100% Test before Shipping
2019-07-08 09:05:15

We test all orders before shipping from the beginning of our company. We find one test report in 2009 which mentioned one flange real thickness is 20.1mm and standard in the drawing is 20.8mm, 0.7mm difference. Our quality inspector asked worker:  please change. After the worker change the flange, the goods could be shipped to the customer. Every order was tested carefully and trouble-free to our customers.IMG_9954_副本.jpg

                              Test Reports and Documents

                            Test Reports and Documents

2018-05-31 15:42:02

Every day, I always worry that I am not doing well enough.


I've been exploring what to do to let you be completely satisfied and fall in love with everything here.


Merchandise, I worry that the description is not accurate enough to cause misunderstanding, and I worry that you blame.


Consultation, too much information, sometimes it is too late to reply in time, I worry that you say we neglect.


Delivery, too many times, we can not complete so many deliveries a day, I worry you are anxious.


Express delivery, I am always afraid of delays or bad attitudes, I worry that you will be angry.


Every day, my head is full of these.


I feel tired occasionally, but whenever I get even a little praise and recognition, I will laugh from the heart for a long time!

2018-04-28 15:52:21
    Missing flanges in shipment
    2018-04-16 14:33:57

    Hermes is our new partner in El Salvador from 2017.Till now he ordered butt weld pipe fittings, C.S flanges and forged valves from us. They’ve already received fittings and flanges, but valves are still on the way to El Salvador.

    There’s one problem when they received the flanges, there were missing some parts as follows:

    • 5 pieces of the B150AC-SLIP-ON Flanges 4”

    • 11 pieces of the B300AC-SLIP*ON Flanges 6”

    We checked our warehouse and found it’s our mistake. First we say sorry and get their understanding. Then we produced the flanges immediately and ship to them asap to avoid their losses.

    Today I’m so excited when I get positive approval “great” from Hermes, your kind words will encourage us to do as better as we can.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How to export to Brazil
    2018-04-16 14:26:25


     Particularities of the import documentation





    1)   Proforma Invoice : Before Shipment

    Exporter should have Importer’s authorization to ship the containers.


    2)   Commercial  Invoice: It is the document to make the Brazilian import permitted. It

    must show the following items:



    - Incoterm:

    - Date:

    - Country of origin:
    -  Destination Port or Airport : TO BE INFORMED BY CUSTOMER
    - Description of goods;

    - Unit net weight;

    - Total gross weight;

    - Total net weight;

    - Qty per item;

    - Unit price;

    - Total value per item;

    - Total Freight cost: (must be the same as the manifesto / if Incoterms is CFR)

    - Signature (by hand) and stamp with the name of person in charge and professional status



    Documents required to obtain Brazilian Customs Clearance :

    ·        Commercial Invoice 

    ·        HAWB or Bill of Lading 

    ·        Packing-list 




    To avoid any difficulty with Brazilian Customs and expedite customs release and approval, requires as follows :


    (1)   Commercial Invoice, HAWB or Bill of Lading and Packing-List must be sent by fax or e-mail to customer before their original be printed.

    (2)   Customer will review the documents and approve their issuance.


    Sea Shipment 


    1/3 Original Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice duly signed (manually) and Packing-List must be sent by courier to customer immediately after balance payment shipment. To have it, please send the copies by e-mail or fax.


    Air Shipment 


    Counterpart II of Airway bill (for consignee), original Commercial Invoice duly signed

    and Packing-List must be sent along with the cargo.


    New shipping procedures for Importers


    We would like to inform all Customers that Brazilian Customs has implemented a new system called Siscomex Carga (SISCARGA) with the aim to enhance control over all vessels and cargoes inbound, outbound and in transit throughBrazil.

    As from March 31st, 2008 Siscomex Carga (SISCARGA) will require that Carriers provide in advance complete information regarding all cargoes.


    It is imperative that the information required by the normative Instructions which rule

    SISCARGA are strictly followed by the Merchant in order to avoid any sort of hindrances during the cargo clearance. In such respect, we must point out the following aspects:


    1.    Consignee and Notify: Corporate name and CNPJ (for juridical persons), or full name and CPF (for individuals), and full style (address), must be mentioned in the respective fields in the Bill of Lading. In case of foreign consignees, the passport number must be mentioned too.


    2.    Cargo: (mandatory in the Bill of Lading):


    ·        Cubic meterage (m3) 

    ·        Packing Types 

    ·        Gross weight in kilograms 

    ·        NCM (four frist digits) of the goods conditioned in the conteiner 


    IMPORTANT: Such data will be compared with our DI (Imports Declaration) and the information must match in order to avoid any kind of delay in the clearance process.


    3.    To Order Shipments: Important to frieze that shipments consigned to the order may be automatically blocked by SISCARGA, what may generate, as a result, a slower process for Customs clearance.


    4.    Bills of Lading data rectification: It is imperative to stress that after feeding SISCARGA with the shipment details, changes will only be processed after the discharging is authorized. By doing so, we aim to avoid the Manifest blocking. After the discharge, the necessary adjustments will be done to correct the data in the SISCARGA system. The correction request will be electronically verified and in case of any formal requirement for presentation of documents, we will provide them immediately.


    Corrections of documents for cargo shipped TOBrazilwill need to be submitted within maximum 72 (seventy-two) working hours prior to vessel arrival (ETA) at the discharging port. Therefore, any correction sent less than 72 (seventy-two) working hours prior to vessel’s arrival at the discharging port inBrazilwill be delivered to Brazilian Customs only after vessel’s departure, which may cause delays to Customer         when initiating the import clearance process.

    Brazilian Customs will only accept Correction Letters up to maximum period of 30 (thirty) running days after vessel’s arrival at Brazilian discharging port.


    For all documentation of cargo shipped TO Brazil with Consignee “To Order” the Carrier has to update the Siscomex Carga (Siscarga) with the name of customer, including complete address and CNPJ Number (which is the Brazilian tax identification number). It must be done at least 72 (seventy-two) working hours prior to vessel’s arrival at discharging port. All documentation of cargo shipped To Brazil with Consignee “To Order” is always subject to a special clearance analysis by Brazilian Customs, which may delay cargo release to Customers inBrazil.


    If unfortunately the Exporter fails to provide all the mandatory requirements mentioned above, the cargo may be withheld by Brazilian Customs and customer may face penalties (from R$ 5000-, which is equal to approx. US$ 2.900- subject to exchange rate variation at the time of penalty, and up to ten times the amount of the ocean freight plus surcharges manifested) plus any storage, demurrage and reefer cargo care. For exemple: discrepancy between weights (above 5%), mistakes with adresses, by not mentioning any required iten.



    The above mentioned information is mandatory as from March 31st on.

    Nevertheless, to better adequate to such changes, we strongly recommend attending them from now on.

    2018-04-16 14:07:36
      Please click the picture on the right side for more information.
      2018-04-16 13:58:05

        Please click the picture on the right side for more information.

        One case of on-time delivery under Environmental P
        2018-04-16 13:48:19
        One case of on-time delivery under Environmental Protection Policy issued by central government

        As we all know, since the first half year of 2017, in consideration of environmental protection, the Chinese central government ordered all the steel factories to stop production from time to time. And this situation has caused great obstacles to the export business of all steel companies.


        Everybody including our boss and our director pays great attention to the on-time delivery of our product, and many meetings are held to ensure our on-time delivery.


        Our Israeli client made an order of pipe fitting with small total value in the beginning of 2018, and as it is near the spring festival, we noticed the client that the delivery time could be influenced by the spring festival holiday, and our client agreed to extend the delivery period. After the spring festival, we couldn’t make production because of the environmental protection policy. We explain this situation to our client in time. And thanks for the kindness of our client, the delivery period is extend by one week. And when the environment protection policy is stopped by central government, we tried our best to produce at night and day, and finally we completed production according to the new delivery period.


        We treated every client honestly and responsibly. Although the order of this client is of small total value, but we treated this client equally as big client. And we kept smooth communication with this client to guarantee the quality and delivery time of the cargo.

        Carbon steel pipe industry confusion phenomenon
        2018-04-16 13:19:20
        1. Full compliance with standard requirements, including back arc.

        2. Seamless pipe fitting, only guarantee terminal thickness.

        3. False seamless pipe fitting, guarantee terminal thickness. 

        4. False seamless pipe fitting, the average wall thickness of the partial terminal adopt lower tolerance. 

        5. Wall thickness exceed lower tolerance, and length and height are smaller by several centimeters.

          Although all are pipe fittings, if not stated, the price difference is very large, and the difference can be 5-10% for each level, and this is only difference based on dimension and material. As for technology, tee can be formed directly, can be welded from straight pipe, can be treated with heat by electric furnace, can be treated by earth stove and can be not treated, and can be crack detected or not detected. As for material, it can be made from genuine tube, old tube, or material head. 

        Flange Welding Technology
        2018-04-03 09:00:39

        Supplier of pipe, fitting, valve, flange, pump, brass fitting...

        Required equipment:

        One unit of manual welding equipment, one handle angle grinder, one electric hammer and one flat ruler.


        Preparation before welding:

        1.    Check and debug equipment to ensure the normal operation; 2. Prepareφ4.0J402 welding rod and it is better to dry the welding rod at 300°C-350°C for one hour.


        Welding process:

        1.    Assemble and install the vertebral body and large flange according to the drawing, and then divide the big flange into 8 equal parts on average. 2. Because the flange is thick and the groove is bigger, we adopt sectional symmetry and multi-layer welding.


        Welding seam quality:

        It is required that weld strength should be at least that of base metal. The welding surface should be smooth and without burnout, porosity, welding leakage, slag inclusions, undercuts, incomplete welding, and other defects. And the remaining height should be less than 2mm.



        1 Be sure to use the J506 electrode for bottoming and use low current welding.

        2 After each position has been welded, we should use a horizontal ruler to measure the deformation of the flange plane.

        3 Hammer the weld seam with an air hammer while welding in order to eliminate stress.

        Sep. 13th-Sep.15th 2017, the sales of Business Dev
        2018-01-19 13:31:55

        Sep. 13th-Sep.15th 2017, the sales of Business Development Department participated in BEX ASIA Singapore.

        Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia is Southeast Asia’s leading trade exhibition for the green building market. In view of environmental protection and sustainable development, the participants exhibited new construction material, design and construction program, which attracted insiders, experts and main buyers, etc.

        Exhibition scope include construction machines and equipment, electric facility and technology, construction hardware, heating and ventilation, lighting electrical facility and engineering machinery and services, etc.

        As a leader in the industry with nearly 30 years’ experience, we construct a characteristic platform for showing our strength, exchanging ideas and negotiation and market development. And we successfully launched new products including bathroom pipe fitting, plastic formwork and modular house. And these new products attracted many old and new clients who gave praise to the quality of the products, and for some products, the clients signed Pre-purchase letter of intent after we quoted price.  

        During this exhibition, we not only establish good cooperation relationship with clients by our strong overall strength and technical support, but also communicate with persons of the same industry face to face, establish relationship network, exchange ideas and know deeply of technical requirement of Southeast Asian market for the product.

        The board of directors has highly affirmed the achievements of this exhibition, and this enhanced our confidence in continuing to develop the market in Southeast Asia.